How Stephanie King Events Uses Aisle Planner to Grow Her Business

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April 28, 2023

As a small business owner, there are many behind-the-scenes to-do’s to assure your business is running smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Stephanie King Events has been a “launched” business for nine months. Thanks to Aisle Planner, I have been able to successfully close out four events and have twelve in the pipeline for 2023. How you may ask? Very simple. Staying organized and on top of my game by using Aisle Planner is my all-in-one tool, where I can allow my clients access as well! From a lead filling out my contact form, to creating a wedding project it’s user-friendly, affordable & will elevate your wedding planning business from the admin side of things. I would never operate as a wedding planner without this asset. Today, I'm sharing how Aisle Planner has helped me grow my business!


What Aisle Planner tools do couples love the most? 

The number one tool I use to run my business is Aisle Planner. Where do I even begin with how much time it saves?! My couples have access to budget management tools, checklists and so much more. I have only gotten positive feedback on how easy it is to use and how great of a resource it is during planning. Think of Aisle Planner as your modern, much more organized version of that old-school wedding binder. Has everything you need in one place. Aisle Planner is a huge selling point for me—my couples love it and are grateful I offer it to them. My couples love the checklist tool the most. Aisle Planner automatically provides us with an extensive checklist of literally everything you can possibly need throughout the planning process. I use this tool with my couples most after our meetings. I’m able to assign myself and clients tasks and the next steps based on our conversation. The best part is you get an email reminder prior to a task being “due.” Such as, “Look through stationary options by EOD Friday and send Stephanie your top two choices.” It’s very user-friendly and keeps everyone on track!

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What Aisle Planner tools does Stephanie love the most?

One tool within Aisle Planner that has been a game-changer for me, is templates. Do you have signature packages and emails that you send when you onboard clients? Well, no more copy and paste! Click into your templates and send. I have saved countless hours with this tool. I use it for my proposals, contract, invoices, planning FAQs, preferred vendor list, and basically any other shares I consistently like to provide my couples with. All you have to do is create that one initial template and it will always be there for you. Before you click send you can adjust any fields as needed such as dates, names, locations, etc. When your couples get your template email to their inbox it comes beautifully with your logo on top and in a very gorgeous format. Aisle Planner helps take your professionalism to the next level. 


Your time is valuable so Aisle Planner has created Templates for all of your professional needs and we encourage you to prioritize this in your processes. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Templates so you can get your templates set up and ready to go!

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The second tool that I’m obsessed with is the Contact Library. No more adding all your couples' vendors to a shared Excel spreadsheet (how un-aesthetically pleasing!) I have access to my couples' vendors right in one spot. The best part is they can drag and drop contracts for me to review here, add payment schedules, and add phone and email addresses too! It makes my life so much easier on the day of. I can even add comments to each contact for example, “band needs seven vendor meals” under the band's contact tab. It really helps keep all the details in one place so nothing is overlooked. I personally love having quick access to contracts and contact info. No more digging through my email folders to pull a contract when I need to review it. The best part is when you go to download & print the contacts for the wedding day, you have all your couple's vendors in one sheet with their contact info. 

If you are a wedding and event professional  Aisle Planner is absolutely for you!

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